January 23rd, 2016



At Shutterstock, one of our most important goals is to drive our contributor’s success by continuously delivering new earnings opportunities to you, our partners. Our enhanced license provides a great opportunity to license your content at a higher price point. Over the past year, we have been testing ways to better communicate the value of this premium license to our customers.
We have determined that a fixed rate payment for enhanced licences limits our ability to continually drive more downloads. Therefore, effective January 25th 2016 the enhanced license payout will move from a fixed rate of $28 to a tiered percentage model, similar to our custom image license. To help simplify the earnings schedule, your enhanced license payout will now be determined by your earnings tier.

От Paul Brennan <Shutterstock@shutterstockmail.com>

Кто уже в курсе, о чем речь? Я не особо толмачу по ганглийски - если не влом, переведите кто-нибудь в общих чертах попонятнее, чем автоперевод "ваш усиливается лицензия выплата теперь будет определяться вашей прибыли яруса" :)))))